Finished Album

Your album is complete! Yes! What to do now?! Here’s a step by step process. I will say a computer is the best way to work through all these steps. Clicking on pictures in each page will enlarge them.

  1. Make Artwork
  2. Decide if you’re going to Print CD’s (if so follow Artwork below)
  3. Put it on BandCamp
  4. DistroKid and Disc Makers

How much will it cost?

Printing CD’s are around $200-$250 for 100 (more pricing info in Disc Makers below). *This option takes about 4-5 weeks to receive CD’s after completion

DistroKid is $20-$35 bucks a year. *This option takes about 7-10 days to fully upload after completion.

Artwork (Click This)

Some tips about making sure you only have to make your artwork once. If you plan on printing CD’s it’s good to keep that in mind to ensure your artwork is consistent everywhere.

BandCamp (Click This)

Selling & Immediate!

DistroKid (Click This)

Putting on Spotify/Apple Music/Google/Amazon

Disc Makers (Click This)

Printing CD’s


To credit me, I typically prefer “Island Letter” so for example most of the times it’d be:

Mixed, Mastered & Arranged by: Island Letter

If I only play guitar or something you can say:

Guitars by: Island Letter

Holly likes to be credited as Holly Frances:

Backing Vocals on tracks 2, 4 & 7: Holly Frances